EECOM 2018

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Time: 7 pm - 12 pm

Location: St. Eugene Mission Resort near Cranbrook BC

The theme for the 2018 Conference is Classrooms to Communities (C2C) which envisions learners and educators being deeply connected to place, community and planet, able to effectively communicate their stories of connectedness, and taking responsibility to do so.

The purpose of Classrooms to Communities is:

  1. To promote leadership and mentorship capacity for place-based education and environmental literacy;
  2. To effectively communicate success stories of place-based education as teaching and learning;
  3. To support the ongoing and evolving work of educators and community partners to integrate place-based education as best practice;
  4. To build greater capacity and collaboration as a network of place-based education leaders/mentors, including teachers, schools, school districts, community organizations, associations of teachers and other place-based partners.