Call for Handbook COMPANION submissions

Time: 12:00 am - 12:00 am

ChildhoodNature is a term that researchers have developed that helps us to remember that children, and all people, are part of the natural world. Children and young people like you understand that the natural world, including plants and animals, is very important for many reasons and you have many ideas about how to share our planet with other living things. We hope that your submissions in The ChildhoodNature Companion can help all of us, including adults, learn from children and young people about how to build and sustain lasting relationships with animals, plants, and other living things in our homes, backyards, neighborhoods, parks, oceans, and in many other wild and not-so-wild places.

What kinds of submissions are we looking for? We are looking for anything and everything that you, as children, teenagers, and young people (ages 0-25), might contribute that draws on your ideas about nature, your experiences with animals, or your thoughts about environmental issues. We will accept essays, poetry, short stories, photographs, photo-essays, opinion pieces, drawings, paintings, and potentially even video submissions. Once we have collected enough submissions we will decide which pieces to include and work with the authors and artists to edit their work if necessary for the final book. Anyone wishing to submit a piece must register their details at the (protected) website listed below, indicating their intention to submit, the kind of work, and any association with adult researchers:

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