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Eight of our School District 6 (Rocky Mountain) educators have just returned from the 2017 Leadership Clinic, and are renewed with energy and momentum. Our team was made up of three educators from the Kimberley zone (Dan Clark, Laurie Neeve, and Natasha Burgess), three from the Windermere zone (Tara Whittick, Hannah Garvie-Ransen, and Alyssan Gauthier), and two from the Golden zone (Sandra Beckett and Caren Nagao). The Leadership Clinic never seems to disappoint, and our team felt so empowered by our planning and networking time. This conference truly does ‘walk the talk’! Our Local Chapter of EEPSA, which can now be identified by the title, Rocky Mountain Place-Based Learning Network,wanted to express our gratitude for the support provided by EEPSA. The teachers who attended this clinic commented numerous times on the value of connecting and collaborating in such a beautiful space. Having the gift of time and space to explore ideas about where we want to go was so incredibly valuable, and there were many comments about how wonderful it is to have a group of like-minded educators to share ideas with. For a slideshow of photos from the 2017-18 Leadership Clinic, please use this link: Our team has come away with ideas about a number of amazing professional development opportunities for the 2017-18 school year, so keep an eye out for messages from the Rocky Mountain Place-Based Learning Network!

New Teachers Conference March 2017

EEPSA represents at the New Teachers Conference on February 24-25, 2017 in Richmond! We enjoyed our conversations with new colleagues about place-based learning and the renewed curriculum.

Thanks to all of the amazing EEPSA leaders who contributed their wise words and beautiful images to the most recent issue of Teacher magazine.  Your innovative practice shines a light for us all.

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