Supported by the BCTF, EEPSA aims to help BC teachers by:

  • Assist educators with curriculum support, professional development and networking opportunities to members across the province.
  • Build partnerships and collaborations with other place-based, EE stakeholders.
  • Promote greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of the environment and nurture skills in teachers to use Place-Based Education (PBE).
  • Engage new members of the PSA in order to retain them.

For a more detailed description of EEPSA’s purpose, read the constitution.

EEPSA Constitution – as of 2014

BC environmental educators can become members

  • Join BC’s hub of environmental educators
  • Green Teacher subscription (4x annually)
  • Regular Pro-D Events
  • Connected network of educators
  • Annual Conference
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Environmental Educators Professional Specialists Association

EEPSA is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networking, curriculum support, and leadership in environmental education supported by the BCTF.