Local Chapters of EEPSA

Forge Local Network Connections

Network and connect with environmental educators from around BC.

Are you interested in collaborating with teachers in your region on an environmental education initiative?
Do you need funding and support for a local initiative?
Do you have a group of like-minded teachers who want some support to meet and collaborate?
Do you have great environmental education happening in your classroom that you want to share?
Would you like to host an environmental education Pro-D in your region?

Join or form a Local Chapter!

Together We Are:

  • Hosting conferences to connect Classrooms to Communities on the PSA Day
  • Creating grab and go backpacks for each school in the district
  • Leading Curriculum Implementation Days
  • Hosting dinner meetings to collaborate with colleagues
  • Re-wilding school grounds
  • Creating place-based learning websites and newsletters for our districts
  • Spreading the culture of outdoor education prep-teachers in our districts
  • Hosting first aid and risk-assessment courses
  • Meeting with senior district administration to advocate for place based learning
  • Hosting lending libraries of teaching resources
  • Building school gardens
  • Hosting professional book clubs
  • Compiling entry-level lessons for teachers new to place-based learning
  • Hosting blogs
  • Hosting professional development days
  • Working with community partners to develop learning experiences in our local places
  • Mentoring student teachers
  • Enjoying evening paddles and professional conversations
  • Hosting seed-sharing libraries for school gardens
  • Providing mentorship to teachers who are new to outdoor learning
  • Hosting listserves
  • Sitting on district sustainability working groups
  • Building outdoor classrooms

Kootenay Columbia grab and go backpacks for outdoor learning

Some of the teacher suggested books from the SEED36 list

Some of the teacher suggested books from the SEED36 list.

Forming a Local Chapter

Step 1

A Local Chapter is a local, teacher-driven organization that helps teachers come together to collaborate, engage in professional development and influence curriculum.  You can invite administrators and community educators to be involved, but it should be led by BCTF members.  Local Chapters and PSAs exist under the auspices of the BCTF.

Bring a group of teachers together.   EEPSA can support you with reimbursement for food and drink to make this happen.

Step 2


  • a president to set the agenda and chair the meetings
  • a secretary to compile minutes and send them to our secretary
  • a treasurer to submit your expenses for reimbursement

Step 3

Consider your goals and intentions for the year around meeting to collaborate, and whether you’d like to plan any professional development activities for your region.

From EEPSA’s perspective, we need:

  • Each of your meetings to have an agenda and minutes.  We’ll post your minutes to our website.
  • The majority of your Local Chapter members to be active EEPSA members.
  • Your president, secretary and treasurer to be active members of the BCTF (dues paying).
  • A constitution for your Local Chapter.  The Local Chapter Coordinator can guide you through that process.

Environmental Educators Professional Specialists Association

EEPSA is a dynamic volunteer organization promoting networking, curriculum support, and leadership in environmental education supported by the BCTF.