Local Chapters of EEPSA

Resources for Local Chapters

  1. Local Chapter Guide
  2. EEPSA Local Chapter Agenda Template
  3. Local Chapter Constitution Template
  4. Expense Voucher
  5. Local Chapter budget template
  6. Electronic Funds Transfer
  7. Travel Information Expense Reimbursement Policies
  8. Travel Information Expense Reimbursement Policies-page-13
  9. EEPSA Local Chapter AGM template

List of Local Chapters

Arrow Lakes

Contact Katrina Sumrall at Katrina.Sumrall@sd10.bc.ca

Arrow Lakes constitution

2017 AGM Minutes


Contact Jamie Stewart at jamie.stewart@sd51.bc.ca

Kootenay Boundary Outdoor Educators Constitution

Kootenay Boundary Outdoor Educators Meeting Minutes Feb. 19

KBOE mtg minutes – November 15th 2018


Contact Kristina Carley at Kristina.carley@burnabyschools.ca

Blog: http://blogs.sd41.bc.ca/placebasedlearning/

Burnaby Local Chapter Constitution

Burnaby Jan 2019

Burnaby minutes Oct. 16-18

Burnaby minutes Sept. 16-18

Burnaby minutes April 18

2017 November Minutes

2017 September Minutes

2017 June Minutes

2017 April Minutes

2017 February Minutes

Cariboo-Chilcotin Outdoor Educators

Contact Frances McCoubrey at frances.mccoubrey@sd27.bc.ca

Bridges and Barriers resource

East Kootenay

Contact Mardelle Sauerborn  at Mardelle.Sauerborn@sd5.bc.ca

East Kootenay Local Chapter

East Kootenay Local Chapter Constitution

2017 September Minutes

2017 April Minutes

Kootenay – Columbia

Contact Bridget O’Malley at bomalley@sd20.bc.ca

Kootenay Columbia Environmental Educators Website

KCEE SD 20 Outdoor “grab and go” packs

KCEE Feb 2019 Minutes

2017 October Minutes

2017 September Minutes

2017 June Minutes

2017 May Minutes

Kootenay Lake

Contact Megan Jamison at megan.jamison@sd8.bc.ca

Kootenay Lake Local Chapter Constitution

Kootenay Lake.LocalChpt.Meeting.Feb7th2019

2017 September Minutes

2017 June Minutes

2017 February Minutes

Powell River

Contact Ryan Barfoot at Ryan.Barfoot@sd47.bc.ca

Powell River Local Chapter Constitution

2017 September Minutes


Contact Stephanie Danyluk at sdanyluk@sd19.bc.ca

Revelstoke Local Chapter






Revelstoke Local Chapter Constitution

2019 April

2019 February

2019 January

2018 November

2018 October

2018 September

2018 AGM

 2018 May

2018 April

2018 February

2018 January

2017 November Minutes

2017 October Minutes

2017 September Minutes

2017 June Minutes

2017 April Minutes

2017 February Minutes

2017 January Minutes

2016 November Minutes

2016 October Minutes

2016 September Minutes

Rocky Mountain Place Based Learning Network

Contact Tara Whittick at tara.whittick@sd6.bc.ca

Rocky Mountain Local Chapter Constitution

RMPBLN local chapter mtg. September 2018

2017 May Minutes

Golden Zone

Environmental Education Library Suggested Readings

2017 October Minutes

2017 April Minutes

2017 February Minutes

2016 November Minutes

2016 October Minutes

REED38 (Richmond)

Contact Anne-Marie Fenn at afenn@sd38.bc.ca or Michael Wolfe at mwolfe@sd38.bc.ca

REED 38 Constitution

REED38 Meeting Jan 2019

October 2018 Richmond

May 2018 REED minutes

REED38 Meeting Minutes – January 31, 2018

SEED36 (Surrey)

Contact Andrew Landry at landry_a@surreyschools.ca

SEED36 Constitution

SEED36 March 19 meeting minutes

SEED 36 Minutes – Dec 2018

SEED 36 Minutes – Oct 2018

Garden Resource 2018-10-05_FINAL


Forming a Local Chapter

A Local Chapter is a local, teacher-driven organization that helps teachers come together to collaborate, engage in professional development and influence curriculum.  You can invite administrators and community educators to be involved, but it should be led by BCTF members.  Local Chapters and PSAs exist under the auspices of the BCTF.

Step 1

Bring a group of teachers together.   EEPSA can support you with reimbursement for food and drink to make this happen.

Step 2


  • a president to set the agenda and chair the meetings
  • a secretary to compile minutes and send them to our secretary
  • a treasurer to submit your expenses for reimbursement

Step 3

Consider your goals and intentions for the year around meeting to collaborate, and whether you’d like to plan any professional development activities for your region.


From EEPSA’s perspective, we need:

  • Each of your meetings to have an agenda and minutes.  We’ll post your minutes to our website.
  • The majority of your Local Chapter members to be active EEPSA members.
  • Your president, secretary and treasurer to be active members of the BCTF (dues paying).
  • A constitution for your Local Chapter.  EEPSA’s executive can guide you through that process.